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About Us

  • 2007-2008

    Foundation of DAS

    DAS (Design and Architecture Society) was established by students of graphic design and communication and design departments of Bilkent University. Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture consists departments of architecture, communication and design, fine arts, graphic design, interior architecture and environmental design, urban design and landscape architecture which are aimed to be the center of DAS as it stated in its symbol by assigning a color to every department.

  • 2012-2013

    Foundation of Architecture Department of Bilkent University

    After the foundation of Architecture Department in Bilkent University, the scope and the vision of DAS has evolved with its growing family. It started to distinguish itself in media with events prepared by the society.

  • 2014-2015

    Growing DAS

    Bilkent Design Week 5 was organized under the leadership of Ogulcan Suluçay with its core team: Sena Kayasu, Zeynep Soysal, Büşra Bıyık, Cansu Ergezen, Cenk Gencer and Koral Korkmaz. It managed to league together design enthusiast with Turkey’s leading designers, by doing so, DAS stated its importance in the design field.

  • 2015-2016

    Corporating DAS

    DAS reached its maximum membership and aimed to be the biggest student based society under the leadership of Koral Korkmaz. It divided into different coordinator ships in the process of being a corporate society: Design Bilkent, 1 Architecture 1 Place, Travel and Pafta Magazine.

    Perkins+Will, Zaha Hadid, SOM, Gehry and Partners are leader architecture firms of the world and they are league together in Bilkent Design Week 6 which is the biggest student based design organization.

  • 2015-

    Foundation of Pafta Magazine

    Pafta Magazine aims to bring together innovations in the field of design, architecture, art with the design enthusiast. It changed its form into an online platform from a printed booklet in order to increase its accessibility under the leadership of Cansu Ergezen. It is Turkey’s first and biggest student based design magazine.

  • 2017-

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Our Team

Our Board of Directors

Lara Uyal


Burak Çelik


İlayda Gözaçan


Duygu Çöplü

Coordinator of Pafta Magazine

Ece Atasever

Coordinator of Pafta Magazine

Naz Ünal

Coordinator of Organization

Rüyet Sefercioğlu

Coordinator of 1 Architect 1 Space

Selin Şahin

Coordinator of Design and Media

Selin Kocaman

Coordinator of Travel

Sevilay Göker

Coordinator of Tasarım Bilkent

Tuana Vural

Coordinator of Tasarım Bilkent

Zeynep Ege Odabaşı

Coordinator of Tasarım Bilkent

Aziz Barış Ateş

Coordinator of Tasarım Bilkent

Emre Temel

Coordinator of Design

Zeyneb Çörtü

Organization BD Member

Büşra Bıyık

Honorary President

Oğulcan Suluçay

Honorary President

Koral Korkmaz

Honorary President

Our board of directors changes yearly due to their graduation.

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